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Time Person Description Video/Audio

Day One


Anthony Bradney

Keele U

Who controls University Legal Education in the UK? Audio here

Sally Kift


A virtuous journey through the regulation minefield. Audio here

John Flood

Griffith U

What law and innovation can offer legal education. Audio here

Julian Webb

Melbourne law school

Trends in legal education reform. Audio here

Cathy Sherry


(Re)introducing closed book exams. Audio here

Julian Laurens


E-Exams-Students laptops and Wi-Fi. Can technology enhance exam performance? Audio here

Kate Sainsbury 


Student Perceptions of pilot-closed book exam. Audio here

Sonia Willis

Macquarie law school

Assessing Assessment. Audio here

Josh Krook

Adelaide U

Is the problem question paradigm too restrictive? Audio here

Jenny Chan


Collaborative and cooperative learning in legal education-Hong Kong. Audio here

Fiona Martin and Margaret Connor


Adaptive e-Learning. Audio here

Ilija Vickovich

Macquarie law school

Students as partners. Audio here


Time Person Description Video/Audio

Day One


Justine Rogers


Legal ethics practice:What's the profession got to do with it?  Audio here

Helen McGowan


Adapt, improvise and overcome: Strengthening ethical acuity within professional communities of practice. Audio here

Marina Nehme


The promotion of a community of inquiry.  Audio here

Kate Galloway

Bond U

Towards a taxonomy of legal education research. Audio here

Kristoffer Greaves

College of law

A meta-survey of teaching and learning in practice-based education Audio here

Amy Barrow

Macquarie law school

Innovation and multidisciplinary perspectives... Audio here

Gabrielle Appleby and Rosalind Dixon


Teaching critical thinking in the core curriculum through re-reading. Audio here

Nigel Stobbs


The relationship between sterility of vision in legal education scholarship- and the atrophy of metacognition among law students.  Audio here

Elen Seymour and Liesel Spencer


Confidence and competence: teaching the'digital native' law student legal reading and information literacy. Audio here

Lyria Bennett Moses


The need for lawyers. Audio here

Tania Leiman

Flinders U

Equipping the legally literate leaders of tomorrow. Audio here

Wilson Chow et al

Hong Kong U

Experiential learning in law at Hong Kong University. Audio here

Svetlana German and Robert Pelletier

Notre Dame U

Clinical legal experience. Audio here

Melanie Schwartz


Retaining our best. Audio here

Jeni Engel


The humanities pathway program at UNSW. Audio here


Time Person Description Video/Audio

Day Two


Christopher Pearce and Shaunnagh Dorsett


Be prepared!The value of tutorial preparation exercises to legal education.  Audio here

Prue Vines


Teaching Torts to international Chinese students.  Audio here

Ming Gu


Where progressive legal education meets the Chinese culture.  Audio here

Peter Burdon

Adelaide U

Engaging neoliberalism in legal education research.  Audio here

David Dixon


The cultural cringe and Australian legal education. Audio here

Nicole Graham 


Legal education in the Anthropocene Audio here

Michael Adams


Law and teaching technology- the last  Audio here

Jenny Buchan et al


Using online learning to transform teaching and learning. Audio here

Jennifer Dickfos et al

Griffith U

An engagement toolkit for the disengaged Audio here


Time Person Description Video/Audio

Day Two


Christina Do and Leigh Smith

Curtin U

The importance of face to face teaching. Audio here
  Simon Kozlina Technology-enabled laearning and critical pedegogy. Audio here

Dominic Fitzsimmons and Tamar Ruiz 


You can't think outside a circle. Audio here
  Ken Yin The deconstruction of the tort of negligence into its syllogistic elements Audio here
  Werner Schafke et al Implementing research based teaching in an LLM program.  Audio here

Philippa Ryan


Teaching law students the role of discourse markers Audio here

Sandra Noakes


Getting it write: Locating good practice pedegogy to support and develop law student writing. Audio here

Gabriel Viana

U Sao Paolo

The failure (or not) of Brazilian legal education.  Audio here

Jessica Viven-Wilksch

U of Adelaide

Legal education scholorship: Dynamic and trendsetting and going viral.  Audio here

See below for Sally Varnham's presentation

Working with students for students: creating a culture of partnership towards enhancement

An Australian Learning and Teaching National Senior Teaching Fellowship

Professor Sally Varnham (UTS)


Selene Mize